About LBS

We’re a culture-first team, with a broad skill set and an equal love of sustainability, office plants and dogs. Our nimble approach coupled with our diverse backgrounds ensures ESD objectives are successfully incorporated into your project

Meet the team

Joshua Mollison

Managing Director | ESD Manager | Dog Enthusiast

Josh has a background in sustainable urban development and 12 years’ experience in ESD consulting and project management, ranging from regulatory compliance to holistic ESD voluntary rating tools. On the weekend you can find him enjoying the Fleurieu Peninsula with his beautiful wife or on a hiking trail with his other love, Reuben the Weimaraner.

Matt McCallum

Director | Commercial Manager | Handyman

Matt has a background in architectural design and 11 years’ experience in ESD consulting, energy modelling, and sustainable architectural design. Outside of work you’ll find Matt tinkering with his fleet of old European cars, building something, or in the playground with his kids.

Mark Clayton

Director | Residential Manager | Traveller

Mark has 11 years’ experience in thermal modelling, project management, and sustainable value engineering of large-scale mixed-use developments. With a passion for sustainable construction and travel, each year you will find Mark leading a team as they re-build earthquake proof schools in Nepal.


Head of Culture and Wellbeing | Everyone’s Best Friend

Reuben brings boundless energy and positivity to our office every day. With his sleek silver coat and bright, inquisitive eyes, he excels at boosting morale, spreading smiles, and fostering a welcoming environment for our team and visitors alike. Reuben’s keen sense of empathy and his knack for knowing just when someone needs a cuddle make him an invaluable part of our company culture. Whether he’s greeting new hires, joining in on brainstorming sessions, or “breaking the ice” with an unexpected toot, Reuben ensures that our workplace remains a happy, harmonious, and inclusive space for everyone.

Adam Pattingale

Senior ESD Consultant | MasterChef

Adam has a background in mechanical engineering with 8 years’ experience in ESD consulting and HVAC design, ranging from residential and commercial compliance to Green Star consulting. In his spare time, you can find him in the kitchen whipping up a feast, or out on the golf course hacking it up. 🏌️

Jacob Size

Team Leader | Mario Kart Devotee

Jacob wants to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with the built environment and loves when he can emphasise sustainable design practices and energy efficiency goals in his work. With an engineering background and 4 years’ experience, he enjoys diving deep into the small details and is always excited when complex projects come up. When it comes to his free time Jacob likes to slow down, whether it’s projects around the house, exploring local wine regions, running/walking outdoors, or just laying on the couch with his family.

Shane Flaherty

Team Leader | Avid DIYer

Shane has a passion for sustainable design with 5 years’ experience in ESD consulting and air permeability testing. When he’s not in the office you’ll find him endlessly renovating his house, working on his classic car, or chasing his young daughter around. Shane’s enthusiasm for sustainability flows into his home life where he plans to one day extend his home using passive design principles.

Natalie Mellen

ESD Consultant | Wannabe Houseplant Aficionado

Nat has a background in interior architecture, furniture design and making, and energy-efficient and sustainable building. She has over 3 years’ experience working in ESD consulting, now focusing on working with project teams to achieve Green Star certifications. Outside of work, you might find her out for a walk, acquiring a new houseplant, enjoying a quiet night in with a movie or a board game, or dreaming of being proficient in wheel-thrown pottery.

Celeste Polito

ESD Consultant | Cat Lover

Celeste has an extensive customer service and building background, always striving to create a seamless customer experience and amazing homes. Food and family have always been at the heart of everything she does. In her spare time, you’ll often find her at the family shack on the Yorke Peninsula, soaking up the sun and enjoying quality time with loved ones. And speaking of loved ones, she shares her home with her fiancé and two adorable cats who keep their life entertaining with their antics.

Liam McMaugh

ESD Consultant | Full-time Legend

If ever there was a template for a great bloke, Liam is it. With a background in mechanical and sports engineering, he puts his craft to work on a variety of commercial and residential projects. Off-duty Liam thrives on being active, whether it’s on the footy field, golf course, or at the gym. Fuelled by his love of a double-shot latte, you’ll often spot him at a local cafe early in the morning. Later in the evening, he loves a live music event and is rumoured to be Fred Again’s best mate. If you see Liam at a cafe or gig, make sure you buy him a beer.

Yumeng Zhao

ESD Consultant | Local Tourist

With a background in architecture and passion for heritage adaptive-reuse, Yumeng has transitioned into residential energy modelling and ESD consulting in hopes of finding common ground between sustainability and design aesthetics. Outside the office, she can be found wandering around bookshops, sniffing out new eateries, or (attempting to) climb a bouldering wall.

Jo Hahnhaussen

ESD Consultant | Outdoor Enthusiast

Jo is a seasoned consultant with a rich background in aviation maintenance and construction. His keen eye for detail and commitment to excellence has earned him a reputation for delivering exceptional results. Working from the LBS satellite office, Jo delivers these exceptional results from a yacht in the British Islands or a van in the great outdoors. Outside of work, Jo finds solace in the great outdoors, where he enjoys exploring nature and seeking new adventures. Returning to Australia in 2025, Jo is looking forward to being back in the office with the team.


Workflow Manager | Aspiring Mini Earthship Owner/Builder

Trained in aromatherapy and transpersonal art therapy, Irene has an extensive background in customer service & administration. At LBS, Irene manages workflow and can be described as ‘the glue’ that keeps the LBS family ticking. Outside of work, Irene will grasp almost any opportunity to eat good food, drink good coffee, go hiking, camping, travelling, do yoga (especially outdoors or aerial), and any other fun activities with friends and other like-minded people. She is still trying to learn flow arts and how to roller skate.

Ingrid Nygaard

ESD Consultant | Chatty Runner

Ingrid is armed with a degree in Interior Architecture from Norway and a Masters in Sustainable Design from Down Under. With an eye for aesthetics and a passion for eco-conscious solutions, Ingrid seamlessly merges design and sustainability. When not crafting innovative spaces, she’s soaking up the Aussie sun or exploring the stunning landscapes, often hoping to encounter a four-legged friend!

Lucie Astini

ESD Consultant | Matcha Fanatic

With qualifications in architecture, interior architecture, and sustainable design, Lucie has a keen interest in developing sustainable solutions for the built environment which she pursues through her role in the residential team. When she’s not in the office, you’ll find her whipping up a new craft project or tracking down Adelaide’s best cafe spots for the perfect cup of Matcha.

Robert Taylor

ESD Consultant | Board Game Enthusiast

Robert has a background in architecture and sustainable design and puts his craft to work developing strategic outcomes for residential projects and developments. Outside of work he enjoys playing board games, watching terrible movies, and absorbing mostly useless facts from nature documentaries.

Alex John

ESD Consultant | Indoor Enthusiast

Alex has a background in architecture with four years of diverse international experience. His interest in sustainability began while working on FIFA World Cup stadium projects in Qatar, prompting his switch to ESD consulting. At LBS, he focuses on making buildings better and positively impacting the construction industry. Beyond work, Alex enjoys anthropology, mixing music on his little Pioneer DDJs, or getting lost in “Never Too Small” videos on YouTube. In his downtime, he loves figure drawing or playing intense table tennis tournaments with his super competitive LBS teammates.

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